Thursday, May 9, 2019

BLOG: Big Science Celebration

by Jane Griffin, Groundwater Foundation

Science is amazing. From biology to chemistry to physics to hydrogeology and every field in between, it's what makes the world go around. Last weekend I got to attend the Big Science Celebration, which is the culmination of the COSI Science Festival. COSI, or Center of Science and Industry, is a nationally-esteemed science center located in Columbus, Ohio focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) topics with interactive exhibits, galleries, live shows, a Planetarium, and digital learning lab, along with educational outreach programs.

The Big Science Celebration included booths and exhibitors doing fun, hands-on learning about all different types of science in our every day lives. I was there showcasing our Awesome Aquifers activity and teaching young scientists about groundwater.

It was a great day to teach about groundwater recharge thanks to the rain that fell most of the day, but didn't dampen the excitement or spirit of the kids and adults I got to interact with as they enthusiastically learned about groundwater terminology, movement, contamination, connection to surface water, and how we use groundwater every day.

My number one takeaway from Big Science Celebration? We have an outstanding next generation of scientists and engineers! These youngsters are going to do great things, and we need to continue to support their interest in groundwater and science as they grow to be our leaders.

Thank you kids, for bringing sunshine through your joy of discovering and understanding one of our most precious resources - groundwater! And kudos to the parents who accompanied their kids to the event, making it possible for them to enjoy the magic of science. 

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