Friday, September 11, 2009

Attorney General-Zoo Designation Event

During a ceremony on Friday morning, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo was designated as a Groundwater Guardian Green Site. But the event also served a dual purpose as Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning was on hand to present The Groundwater Foundation with $25,000 towards environmental education programs.

During the course of the event, Attorney General Bruning said, “At the Attorney General’s office, we are big supporters of The Groundwater Foundation. We’re huge fans frankly. We consider part of our mission to protect the environment. Seven years ago when I became Attorney General we created an environment and natural resources unit within the Attorney General’s office. That hadn’t happened before. We are going after polluters….When you go after those folks, and unfortunately they do exist in Nebraska, we have to make it hurt so they won’t do it any again and it’s money. We end up with the money and what is the best thing to do with the money? We think it is to return it to the community through groups like The Groundwater Foundation.”

Lincoln Children’s Zoo President/CEO John Chapo also spoke during the event. He said, “We are a wonderful green space and teaching stewardship to children of all ages is our mission as well. It was important for us to strive for this designation because we do have this beautiful green space in the heart of our community. We appreciate this recognition.”

To hear more of what Attorney General Bruning had to say, some additional remarks from the Zoo’s Chapo as well as some words from Groundwater Foundation President Jane Griffin and Groundwater Foundation Green Site Program Manager Jennifer Wemhoff click on this link:


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