Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It's Water-Wise Wednesdays with Frannie the Fish! {Frannie’s Adventure Downstream: Part 1}

Frannie and her friends need cool, clear streams to live in. A while ago, Frannie explored a local creek.  The story of her adventure is a good visual activity to learn how different sources of pollution can affect a clear stream and eventually make it unsuitable for wildlife such as fish.

For this activity, you will need:

A fishing lure to represent Frannie - one that looks like a fish, with hooks removed, preferably weighted or sinking lure that is colorful. Frannie is on a fishing line suspended in a gallon jug or fish bowl of clear water.

Gallon jar, fish bowl, or small fish aquarium

Gravel for the bottom of the bowl/aquarium (optional)

Pencil or ruler placed of the top of jar to hold Frannie suspended halfway in the jar under water

10 small containers or plastic bags to hold contaminants

1.     Sediment
Potting soil, sand and gravel mix
2.     Manure
Raisins, dry beans, chocolate-puff cereal
3.     Fertilizer
Green powdered drink mix
4.     Road Salt
5.     Litter
Torn paper and plastic bits
6.     Motor Oil
Vegetable oil
7.     Acid Rain
Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar tinted orange/pink
with food dye
8.     Leaking Storage
Film canister with a cracked lid filled with red/blue food dye and water
9.     Industrial Waste
Liquid dish/hand soap/lotion and nails/screws/bolts/
10. Pesticides
Baking soda or salt mixed with instant coffee or tea

One day, Frannie left her shady, cool pool and headed downstream on an adventure.

After a little while, Frannie noticed that the sun was shining and the stream was no longer as cool and dark. She looked out of the water and noticed that all the trees had been cut down and sediment from the banks was washing into the water.

Add the first item to the bowl – sediment: Sprinkle some soil over the water and allow it to slowly settle over Frannie. 

“Oh no! Poor Frannie!”

After a while Frannie poked her nose out of the water and do you know what she saw? Big black and white animals coming down to visit her. Cows! As they walked in the water they stirred up mud and left some smelly “presents.”

Add the second item to the bowl – manure: Sprinkle some raisins or cereal and let them sink in the water.

“Oh no! Poor Frannie!”

Frannie continued to swim downstream and passed some cornfields, but was no longer feeling very well.

Add the third item to the bowl – fertilizer: Sprinkle in green powdered drink mix.

“Oh no! Poor Frannie!”

Frannie wasn’t ready to go home and continued to swim downstream.

Check back to see how Frannie's adventure continues!

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