Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It's Water-Wise Wednesdays with Frannie the Fish! {Fannie's Adventure Downstream: Part 3}

This is the third of a three part series exploring pollution in the stream near Frannie's home. Join her on her adventure downstream to see what happens or go back to read the first part or second part of her journey.

Frannie started coughing from the gross taste the stream had left in her mouth. Soon after, she noticed some items floating down the stream. The industrial waste made the water murky and a hard piece of metal almost hit her!

Add the ninth item to the bowl – industrial waste: Pour in some soap and wood or metal items.

“Oh no! Poor Frannie!”

At this point, Frannie was getting a little tired but decided to continue to swim downstream.

She yawned and tasted something, “Yuck what is that?” Frannie looked out of the stream and noticed that the area had been recently sprayed for bugs. Some of the bug spray, called pesticides, had gotten into the stream. Frannie did not like the way these chemicals tasted and they made her eyes itch!

Add the tenth item to the bowl – pesticides: Pour the baking soda mixed with coffee into the bowl.

“Oh no! Poor Frannie!”

Frannie was exhausted from her wild day. She was ready to go back home to her cool, clear pond!

Fish like Frannie and her other aquatic friends like clean water to live and play in. They like vegetation along the bank to shade the water and keep it cool. The cooler the water, the more oxygen for aquatic life to breathe. Plus, insects and leaves from vegetation fall into the water providing food for Frannie and her friends.

Think about your home or community. Did any of the materials that contaminated Frannie's stream sound familiar?  Have you seen them used in your neighborhood, home, or school?  Many of these contaminants are things we come into contact with every day.

What can you do (with the help of friends and family) to help keep Frannie’s home and all water clean?  Let the Groundwater Foundation know and share how you keep your local streams fresh for all of the fish!

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