Friday, March 24, 2017

BLOG: Business Responsibility to Groundwater

by Jennifer Wemhoff, The Groundwater Foundation

Here at The Groundwater Foundation, we've been fortunate to work with a wide variety of businesses and corporations over the years. From big to small, these companies are working to protect and preserve groundwater in their own way - from construction and community development, to managing their sites in a groundwater-friendly way, to providing support for The Groundwater Foundation's mission.

One of the Foundation's central beliefs is that everyone benefits from clean, sustainable groundwater. Because of this, we believe everyone has a place at the table in protecting it - every person, every business, every industry; good actor, bad actor. It's up to all of us!

The next few blog posts will highlight businesses that take their responsibility to groundwater seriously, and it's evident in how they conduct their business every day.

What businesses do you know of that are good stewards of groundwater? They could be a good fit for our Groundwater Guardian Green Site programWhat are they doing to protect and conserve groundwater?

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