Friday, March 2, 2012

It's All About Cooperating, Communicating, and Educating...

Recently I attended the most recent EN Thompson Forum lecture of the 2011-2012 series which focuses on Water and Global Security.  The lecture series is a cooperative project of the Cooper Foundation, The Lied Center for Performing Arts and the University of Nebraska.  This specific lecture featured two speakers, Mogens Bay, CEO of Valmont Industries, and E. Robert Meaney, Senior Vice President at Valmont Industries.  Bay’s opening remarks set the stage for a fascinating presentation, he stated: more than a question of water scarcity we are faced with the question of developing and implementing proper management practices and sound policy on a global level. 

He and Meaney followed the remark by highlighting issues across the globe and noting the complexity of the issue does not remain only in the increased efficiency of agricultural production, but in the infrastructure and global policies that need to be in place to transport and distribute the food produced. 

They highlighted success efforts in different regions of the world and challenges that lay ahead.  They outlined the approaches needed to successfully face these challenges, and the most prominent ones struck a strong chord with me included: cross border cooperation, communication, education. 

These are the fundamental components of our Groundwater Guardian program!  Over 3,000 volunteers across North America are utilizing the approach of cooperation, communication and education to face the challenges their local community is facing in sustaining their groundwater resources.

Yet more, much more needs to be done, so I also came away from the lecture with a strong call to action.  What are we doing to increase and enhance the actions of our Groundwater Guardians?  What are we doing to build upon the work of all of our program participants?  Are we effectively reaching out to tomorrow’s leaders with the learning opportunities that will prepare them to face the challenges ahead? 

Looking at our plans for projects and programs I believe we are.  We have some remarkable opportunities to work with youth, adults and communities as a whole.  We are developing new resources that will enhance these efforts…stay tuned for more details! Come back to our blog, visit our website or our facebook page, follow us on Twitter and find out what is happening.  Let us know what you are doing, post your thoughts and comments too!

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