Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Groundwater Foundation Reaches for the Cloud

The Groundwater Foundation decided that 2012 would be a good time to review all of our technology based work and determine how we can utilize newer technology to better suit the needs of our constituents – or in other words, you.  This conversation became much like a snowball rolling down hill.

It started with the idea that the Groundwater Foundation should look into creating a mobile app for smart phones.  As we explored the world of mobile apps it became apparent that if we were to go into that realm, we would really need to update our website to be more mobile friendly as well.  And, that conversation led to information about moving our business to the Cloud.  Wow!  Where to start? 

Well in true Groundwater Foundation fashion we jumped in with both feet and determined that we could and should do it all.  After all, why let grass grow under your feet?  So over this past weekend the Groundwater Foundation began our migration to the Cloud by moving our email to cyberspace.  The challenge being we are no longer using the Microsoft Outlook platform that we were all use to.  We now are using Google Mail which I think will be wonderful someday, but today as we are learning all the ins and outs of how to use it can be a bit challenging.  At any rate, if you are emailing anyone at the Groundwater Foundation and not getting a response, please pick up the phone and give us a call – I realize phoning someone is becoming an outdated mode of communication very quickly – but at this point it is one that is working for us during this transition.

As for the website and the mobile app, we are beginning the process of making each of those a reality as well.  Stay tuned as we move forward – once again catching up with the world of technology. 

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