Friday, October 14, 2011

What is your community doing?

By Brian Reetz, Program Coordinator

During our national conference last week in Omaha, I was lucky to present to the group with the former mayor of Wayne, Nebraska, Lois Shelton.

I first met Lois at a League of Municipalities meeting a couple of years ago. I thought Wayne would be a great fit with our Let’s Keep it Clean program that we were just starting as they were just forming a Green Team in the community.

I think our growth of the program and the growth of the Green Team has been a key to seeing sustainability. Our work helped them see some possibilities that could be done. Their passion to do it in their community helped us know it would be successful. From forming a Groundwater Guardian team to establishing Green Sites in the community as well as community events and programs with youth, Wayne is doing its part to make the community and groundwater sustainable.

What are you and your community doing today to make groundwater sustainable for future generations?

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