Thursday, October 20, 2011

Become a Part of the Winning Team!

In these tough economic times we have been experiencing over the past few years, it has become more and more difficult to find the dollars to support the work of educating about groundwater and inspiring people to act to protect it for the future.  I know there are hundreds of very worthy causes out there, each of them vying for dwindling philanthropic dollars.  So how do we make potential funders understand the importance of our cause?  Do we have to move towards scare tactics – you know the “without water we cannot survive” message? 

This has never been the Groundwater Foundation’s way of operating. We have always felt that helping people understand groundwater’s importance in a positive way would inspire them to do the right thing; that the “winning team” approach of recognizing the good work done towards protecting and conserving the resource is the better way to go.  So while these tough times put that belief to the test – let’s show that it will prevail -- join us as we work to “recharge our aquifer” through our membership campaign.  You can become a member today by clicking here and supporting our goal of clean, sustainable groundwater for future generations.

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