Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's Keep It Clean launches

Not only is it Groundwater Awareness Weeek, but we at The Groundwater Foundation are also excited to announce the launching of a new campaign, “Let’s Keep It Clean!” The goal of the campaign is to empower people to play a key part in protecting their groundwater. The main objectives are to create awareness and understanding of the vital resource and provide tools for individual communities to take proactive steps to ensure a safe, lasting supply.

One of our most precious is our groundwater - it’s the water we drink, the water that grows our food. Each of us relies on it and it relies on us so let’s keep it clean.

Thanks to our media sponsors here in Nebraska, the home of The Groundwater Foundation, radio and television ads will be running reminding people of the important resource. In addition The Groundwater Foundation staff will be working within communities all across Nebraska. The Groundwater Foundation will help communities put a plan into action by meeting with local leaders. It will generate awareness and inspire action in the communities by participation in city-wide events and presentations to local businesses.

If you don’t live in Nebraska, access to the ads and many more tools are available on our website,  Just click on the Let’s Keep It Clean button.

While visiting the page you can make your pledge to protect groundwater, remembering that individually we act, collectively we make a difference.

Please let us know what you and/or your community are doing!

A special thank you to our Let’s Keep It Clean sponsors: the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the Water Systems Council.

Cheers to clean groundwater for generations to come!

Jane Griffin, Groundwater Foundation President

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