Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green Sites calling all golfers

Warmer weather in Nebraska makes me think of a few things but one of them highest on my list is venturing into the storage spot in my fairly messy garage and pulling out my golf clubs. I know they aren’t in the best of shape. I know I need a new bag. I know I need some new shoes. Maybe someday. And let’s not even talk about my pathetic swing. But none of that is going to stop me from enjoying such a great activity.

It’s great getting out and about, especially after the rough, cold winter that we had in the Cornhusker State, and enjoying a golf course.

I’ve gotten a new appreciation for them since I started as a program coordinator at The Groundwater Foundation nearly a year ago. We have a program called Groundwater Guardian Green Sites that recognizes good stewards of groundwater. Many of them are golf courses across the state and the country. I’ve had the great opportunity to sit down with some of the superintendents and PGA professionals one-on-one and talk about the practices they have implemented. I have shared some new ideas that we have heard about that will improve their practices too.

The program is continuing to grow every day. In 2007, there were just a few pilot sites and now I feel like I can venture across the state and the country and find one. I plan on doing that this Spring as well as finding more courses to become part of such a great recognition program.

You can find more about the program on our website:

-- Brian Reetz

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