Monday, June 1, 2009

Well Owners Network

42 Million Americans rely on private water wells for their drinking water supply, and of course everyone who relies on this resource wants to protect it! Who wouldn’t?

In order to help you do just that the Water Systems Council has created the wellcare® Well Owners Network. It is free, and as a member of the network, you will have easy access to information and resources that are critical to maintaining a safe supply of drinking water for you and your family. Network members will receive at NO COST:

  • Access to information and tools to help you better understand your drinking water source.
  • A quarterly e-newsletter with information on wells, well water, and practical tips for protecting the nation's groundwater resources.
  • Annual reminders to test your well water.
  • Opportunities for discount well water test kits.

Join the network now! Call 1-888-395-1033 or visit

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