Monday, May 11, 2009


Now is the perfect time to install a rain garden. A rain garden is a garden planted in a depression that is designed to catch rainwater runoff in your yard, growing plants that don’t mind getting partially flooded on occasion. Rain gardens provide wildlife habitat and an opportunity to create beautiful landscaping. And, by soaking up rain where it falls, rain gardens slow storm water runoff, help prevent erosion, and remove pollutants in the process.

To learn more about rain gardens, visit The Groundwater Foundation website at Workshops are currently planned for Hastings, North Platte, and Stromsburg, Nebraska.

Have you put in a rain garden? Share your success stories and challenges with others who would like to protect water by planting a rain garden.

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Carla said...

I had a rain garden installed in our front yard last week and it is beautiful. We have had some nice steady rain since then, and so far it appears to be performing perfectly. Our rain garden was installed by professionals over at Campbell's Nursery as part of the City of Lincoln's Water Quality Project.