Monday, January 12, 2009


What are your New Year's resolutions to help protect the environment in 2009?


Raven29 said...

My green New Year's resolutions are to consolidate errands by making fewer shopping trips which will save time and resources to and from the store. I also vow to shop thrift stores (like Goodwill and ARC) whenever possible - why buy new, when used will do?

NYChef said...

I picked up some of those re-usable shopping bags and keep them in the trunk of my car. That way I will have them with me each time I go to the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

I am going to get more serious when it comes to recycling efforts in my home. Last year I recycled just aluminum. This year I will include plastic and paper.

FarmFresh said...

Shop organic.

Anonymous said...

Continue recycling, using reusable shopping bags, starting composting, and riding my bike.

It's easy being green said...

I've got three tips!

1. Bring your own bottle. Instead of shelling out a buck or more for a bottle of water at the gym, fill up an aluminum water bottle at the fountain. Keep a mug or glass on your desk at work to refill at the cooler.

2. Pack your lunch. Cut down on restaurant take-out packaging by bringing last night's leftovers for lunch in a washable container. You'll save on calories, fat, and sodium, too!

3. Ride your bike — or walk! Save on gas and reduce emissions by biking or walking to work or to run errands. Public transportation is an environmentally friendly option as well. If you must drive, at least combine your errands so you can do them all in one trip. You'll save time too!

4. Sort your garbage. Set aside paper, magazines, aluminum cans, and plastic and glass bottles for recycling. Contact your sanitation department to find out about pickup options or where to drop the recycling off. In many states, you can recycle bottles and cans at local supermarkets — and get back a deposit for each one!