Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As Obama Takes Office, What Changes Are Ahead?

As our nation begins a new chapter today with the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama, we all can’t help but look toward the future of our nation. We know that taking action to address the economic crisis will take center stage in the new administration, as well as Middle East peace talks and the war in Iraq.

But what about the future of our environment? What do you expect from the Obama administration in terms of environmental protection?


Anonymous said...

From what I know about Barack Obama I know that he has interest in a better tomorrow for our nation and the world. He wants to make lives better for future and this includes a better healthier Earth. He believes is science inquiry and understands the importance of the research that has been done on the degradation of our planet. He wants to use our nation's resources (people, technology, etc.) to find better, more sustainable ways of life.

Yesterday he and his wife encouraged all Americans to get involved in service...volunteering, giving time to an important cause in our communities. The impact of service is huge...when you give your time, your talents, when you invest yourself in a cause you gain pride in yourself and in your community. When there is pride there is respect, a growing since of community, and unity. And I don’t think it is going to stop there… I think this will be a message President Obama will continue to give, as he did through his campaign… Yes WE can. It has never been about him but about us. WE are the ones that can make a difference. WE are the ones that can make a change.

None of us know exactly what President Obama and the new administration will do but I do know that as a country we are going to change. I believe, as a leader, Obama will guide us to a better tomorrow, guide us to be better Americans, better neighbors at home and across seas, and be better caretakers of our planet. Obama has, through his career, always had hope. I believe in him and in our country. I have hope that we will have a better tomorrow, a more unified nation, a healthier environment, and a more peaceful planet.

Anonymous said...

Now, officially, President Obama, throughout his campaign and into his inaugural speech today, has reitterated his message, about lowering our dependence on foreign oil (by developing alternative energy) as an important step that will also steer our nation toward environmental stewardship. He also has repeated the necessity for each of us to do our part. There are many organizations that offer information on what you individually, or as a business, or as a community can do. For example, visit www.groundwater.org/ta/ta.html and learn what actions you can take. Start today!