Thursday, October 25, 2018

BLOG: Groundwater Has Its Own Voice

by Jane Griffin, The Groundwater Foundation

At the Groundwater Foundation, we always say that we are the voice of groundwater. Little did we know - groundwater has its own voice! Most of us don’t ever hear it, because most of us do not spend time thousands of feet under the earth’s surface.

I was recently driving home from a tennis tournament, listening to a program on the radio and I heard the sound of groundwater, thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. I could hardly believe it! It was fascinating, especially because I never expected to hear the sound of groundwater!

If you want to hear the sound of groundwater, and a very interesting story about Elements, then tune into this podcast (the story begins about about 56:15).  Enjoy listening and envisioning the magic of groundwater as it moves through the water cycle, thousands of feet below the earth’s surface!

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