Thursday, October 29, 2015

10 Reasons We're Glad You Were at the 2015 National Conference

by Jennifer Wemhoff, The Groundwater Foundation

#10: You celebrated 30 years of fulfilling our mission. We peeked back to 1985, celebrated the legacy of Nebraska well driller WayneMadsen, and looked to the future.

#9: You heard why Groundwater Guardians and Green Sites are awesome at the Celebration Luncheon, and found reasons to be inspired to protect groundwater from Catherine Chertudi, City of Boise, Idaho.

#8: You learned about the importance of water to food production, and how irrigation technology can help feed the world’s burgeoning population into the future from Mogens Bay, Chairman and CEO of Valmont.

#7: You were catapulted 30 years into the future by University of Nebraska Students Kate Boone and William Avery who shared how their interest in water wasn’t piqued until college because water wasn’t talked about in high school other than its properties and molecules. Groundwater Foundation President Jane Griffin shared tools and resources that can help fill these gaps in groundwater education.

#6: You participated in workshops, tours, and discussions that went beyond the conference sessions, and met people from across the U.S. that share your passion for protecting groundwater.

#5: You heard expert, engaging speakers from across the country share what worked, and didn’t, and how groundwater protection can move forward in the next 30 years.

#4: You shared in the challenges of communicating groundwater science to the public with Bill Alley of the National Ground Water Association, debunking popular groundwater myths.

#3: You saw how NASA is using the power of satellites to track the changes in groundwater storage and how California’s groundwater reserves are in a perilous situation from hydrologist Jay Famiglietti of NASA and UC-Irvine.

#2: You heard why sparkplugs are vital to groundwater protection and education from Susan Seacrest, Groundwater Foundation founder and President Emeritus.

#1: You became part of our groundwater family! It is because of people that groundwater must be protected, but it is only through the efforts of people that it can be accomplished. Until we meet again!
Groundwater Foundation Staff, from left: Jennifer Wemhoff, Cindy Kreifels, Doug Sams,
Lori Davison, Jane Griffin, Jessica Wheeler, and Anthony Lowndes.

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