Monday, March 23, 2015

Anniversary Story: "Dedication, Adaptability, Innovation" by Susan Seacrest

Dedication, Adaptability, Innovation
by Susan Seacrest, Groundwater Foundation founder and President Emeritus

Three traditions come to mind as I reflect on the Groundwater Foundation’s 30 year history: dedication, adaptability, and innovation. 

Early on, with virtually no resources except the idea that citizens needed to learn more about the nature and value of groundwater, putting together everything was a challenge.  A wonderful young woman, Sandy Steele, volunteered typing services and even came to the hospital in 1986 so I could do some proof reading while holding the newborn Kelly Seacrest!

The dedicated Lori Davison volunteered her dining room for several years as a home for piles of documents and correspondence. Lori’s table and typewriter were indispensable as we developed early Foundation projects, including the literal cutting and pasting of the Foundation’s quarterly publication, The Aquifer. 

Lori’s dining room doubled as childcare center as her toddler and baby romped around with my toddler and baby while we tried to focus on the work at hand.  Happily, Lori continues to this day as the Foundation’s Data Manager.

Countless rounds of retyping gave way to an IPM Selectric with self correcting ribbon, followed by a DOS computer we never really understood very well. In the 1990s, email and Windows were begrudgingly adapted by this digitally and electronically challenged writer.

A salute is due to the amazing and talented Jane, Cindy, Jennifer, Doug and countless others who have brought smart phone apps, social media, and webinars to the Foundation’s growing audience.  Everyone associated with the Foundation as it rounds its 30th Anniversary deserve a salute for continuing the dedicated service, creative adaptations, and innovative programs that are hallmarks of the Groundwater Foundation’s history and future! 

30 Weeks Until the 2015 Groundwater Foundation National Conference and 30th Anniversary Celebration!

Support for 30th Anniversary outreach provided by Marshfield Utilities. 

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