Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Drop or Two Can Add Up to be a Problem

By Cindy Kreifels, The Groundwater Foundation

For years we at The Groundwater Foundation have been saying it’s all about the collective effort when we talk about the changes each of us can make to help protect groundwater.  Well now a recent article based on research ( from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of  Public Health is noting that it may be the small pollutants from each of us, that when added together, create an issue of great concern. 

Yes, that drop or two of gasoline that dribbles to the pavement when you fill your car with gas can add up to be a lot of gasoline when added to the drops from each person who fills their car.  According to the study, over the course of a decade roughly 1,500 liters of gas are spilled at the typical gas station.  While it takes time for the dribbles to add up what we need to remember is that these dribbles are either being washed away quite possibly to the nearest waterway or they are soaking into the ground and potentially reaching groundwater. 

This is just one example of where each of our little pieces of the pie – whether it be the drops of gasoline we inadvertently let fall to the ground or the extra five minutes we spend in the shower – they add up and can be a problem.  We all have a responsibility to protect our water resources.  And just as our indulgences add up to cause the problem, our little acts of protection will also add up to help protect the water we all rely on for life. 

What will you do today to make a difference?

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