Friday, September 27, 2013

They're Never Too Young!

by Jennifer Wemhoff, Program Manager
Earlier this week I participated in a Naturepalooza event at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It included a number of booths, activities, shows, and other fun stuff for families and children to learn more about nature.
The Groundwater Foundation's Naturepalooza booth involved participants in making Groundwater Protection Bracelets. Different color beads represent various activities that can be done at home to help protect and conserve groundwater. Kids learn that they can make easy choices - like turning the water off when they brush their teeth, taking shorter showers, recycling, and learning more about water - can make a difference, and their bracelet is a fun, visual reminder of that.
My husband and 2.5 year old daughter came out to Naturepalooza, and she had an absolute ball making bracelets. She sat with me while I helped other kids make their bracelets, and heard me talk over and over about what groundwater is, and how and why we should protect it.
On the way home, she was joyfully telling her daddy about her bracelet. "Look at my bracelet, Daddy!" she said. "Yes, it's a pretty bracelet," he replied. "No, Daddy," she told him seriously. "It's a groundwater bracelet."
When my husband told me this story, my heart swelled. She was actually listening to me while playing with the beads. She heard me talk about groundwater, and at least a little bit sunk in. One of her favorite books is "Wally and Wanda's Groundwater Adventure." Granted, she likes the pictures more than hearing about groundwater's movement and the water cycle, but I overheard her one night "reading" it to herself and attempting to say the word "evaporation." 
Kids are never too young to learn about water!  Children are such sponges, and soak up what they hear. It's important that we take the opportunity to help them learn about how precious groundwater is, and that they can make a difference!

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