Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Groundwater Foundation New Community Outreach Specialist

My name is Heather Voorman, and I am the new Community Outreach Specialist for the Groundwater Foundation.  I will primarily be working on the Growing Groundwater Awareness in Nebraska program. 

Growing up in a small Missouri River town allowed me to appreciate the importance of protecting our water resources at a young age.  My hometown relies on water for everything from irrigation to tourism.  I became acutely aware of the pressures our water sources face when I worked as an Interpretive Park Ranger at the Gavins Point Project on the Missouri River.  Part of my duties as a Park Ranger included presenting programs to the public about the balancing of water resources on the river.  It is incredible how one river can provide irrigation, navigation, recreation, municipal water, and wildlife habitat.  My experience as a Park Ranger inspired me to pursue a career that would allow me to continue to educate and inform others about the immense importance of protecting our resources. 

Groundwater is just as vital and significant to our communities as a river.  Groundwater allows us to drink, grow our food, perform industrial processes, and support wildlife by recharging lakes, rivers, and wetlands.  I am so excited to start working with communities across Nebraska to spread awareness about the importance of protecting this great natural resource!

If your Nebraska community is interested in raising awareness about groundwater among its citizens, contact me at

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