Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Go Green on St. Patrick's Day and Everyday!

Lori Davison, The Groundwater Foundation 

On March 17, people around the world will be celebrating the Irish holiday—St. Patrick’s Day.  This holiday originated in the early 17th century and includes wearing green and participating in parades and festivals.
Many traditions have been started across the United States over the years.  One of these is Chicago’s annual dyeing of the Chicago River green.  The practice started in 1962, when city pollution-control workers used dyes to trace illegal sewage discharges and realized that the green dye might provide a unique way to celebrate the holiday.  That year, they released 100 pounds of green vegetable dye into the river—enough to keep it green for a week!  Today, in order to minimize environmental damage, only 40 pounds of dye are used, and the river turns green for several hours.

The Groundwater Foundation is also into “green”.  Each year it recognizes properly managed turf sites for their groundwater stewardship through its Groundwater Guardian Green Sites program. The program encourages managers of green spaces (golf courses, ball fields, education campuses, parks, etc.) to implement, measure, and document their groundwater-friendly practices related to chemical use, water use, pollution prevention, water quality, and environmental stewardship.  You can check out how you can become involved in groundwater protection on the Groundwater Foundation website

On March 17 put on your green and become an active participant in protecting groundwater!




















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