Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Strategic Planning: What Lies Ahead?

By Cindy Kreifels

Strategic planning – one of those things it’s always hard to find time for – we know it is important and yet it always seems easier to put it off than to move forward on it.  As we prepare to meet with The Groundwater Foundation Board of Directors this week to take on this exact task or at least the beginning of it, one steps back and really thinks about what it is we do and why.  That has been an interesting thought process – one that has me thinking about:

·         Where do we want to see The Groundwater Foundation in five years?

·         What headline would we most/least like to see about The Groundwater Foundation?

·         What list would we like to see The Groundwater Foundation at the top?

·         What is the biggest gap between what The Groundwater Foundation claims to be and what it actually is?

 These questions are being asked of both staff and Board members.  How would you answer these questions about The Groundwater Foundation?  About your organization?  About your Groundwater Guardian team?  About your Green Site?

 Share your thoughts with us as we move through this process of strategic planning as the more information we have the better the process will be.

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