Friday, October 12, 2012

Sustainability Plan Includes Water Conservation

by Jane Griffin, Groundwater Foundation President

I was able to attend a Public Policy Forum the other evening. The topic was my home town’s (Lincoln, Nebraska) new sustainability targets. The City of Lincoln’s new “Sustainable Lincoln” plan, being put together by a citizen “blue ribbon” advisory committee, was the focal point of the discussion. Panelists included business and government representatives. Each spoke to their role in sustainability as a leader.  It was exciting for me to hear that water conservation is a top priority both for business leaders and government administrators. Energy also is a critical topic, and there are some lofty goals that have been set. But, given the efforts that the panelists highlighted, I believe we can do it. Collectively, we can meet the goals!

Does your town have a sustainability plan? Let us know what is happening in your hometown!

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