Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why I Believe Groundwater is the Right Choice!

You may have recently received a request to consider becoming a member of The Groundwater Foundation or to renew your membership if you have previously supported them.  Like everyone you probably receive several requests for membership this time of year and have to decide who you can support.  So as you contemplate where your limited support dollars go, let me share a few reasons why The Groundwater Foundation is a good, if not critical, choice.

The educational programs of The Groundwater Foundation inspire groundwater protection actions that will ensure:

·         Your two year old grandchild will have safe, clean water to drink.

·         Your dog, Fluffy, will have water to bathe and nourish her.

·         Your teenage child will be able to play in the local lake.

·         Your family will have food on the table that has been grown with groundwater.

For these reasons and many more, I make sure that The Groundwater Foundation is among the organizations that I support each and every year.  Make sure you do too!

Click here to join today and ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for today and for future generations.

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