Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome Summer!

Summertime in my home is synonymous with backyard bar-b-ques!
Relax on the patio, heat up the grill, throw on some sweet corn and burgers, and invite over some friends. What can be better? At my house, a nice cool beverage, beer being the popular choice, also accompanies the feast!
Have you ever thought about your favorite beer and the water used to create it? Water is used in brewing beer and also plays a role in the unique taste of the local brew. I recently came across this article which explains more about this essential beer ingredient, water!

The next time I crack open a cool one, I’ll think about the importance of keeping our water resources clean and plentiful.

Let’s keep it clean!
Cheers to that!

Some other bar-b-que fun facts:
It takes 4,000+ gallons of water to produce a hamburger.
It takes over 100 gallons of water to grow an ear of corn.
Find out how much water it takes to produce one egg, an orange and other products here.

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