Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clean Drinking Water: A Precious Commodity

Last week ranked right up there as one of the scariest of my life.  You see, my 10-week old grandson had been quite ill with a high fever since Sunday night. Then on Wednesday, the city in which they live declared a boil order for the city due to e-coli in the water.  My son immediately knew he needed to call the baby’s doctor in order to discuss treatment.  First step, take in a soiled diaper for sampling.  As is often the case, the results could not be obtained for a couple of days.  Talk about a long and somewhat grueling wait.  In the interim, the doctor did give the baby an antibiotic just in case. 

Today we just found out that this precious little baby tested negative for e-coli.  And, thank goodness he is feeling much better now.  However, what this reinforced for me is how very important the work of The Groundwater Foundation is to all of us.  So many times we think that things like this will never happen to us.  Fortunately my grandson did not have e-coli in his system, but just the scare made me realize that each of us must be vigilant in our day-to-day lives in order to make sure that the water we drink is suitable for consumption.  We must educate everyone to care about this precious resource and to do their part to protect it. 

Today is a good day!  My grandson is no longer sick.  I get to share my story with you.  And each of us has the opportunity to protect groundwater.  To learn more on how to protect groundwater, visit The Groundwater Foundation website, www.groundwater.org. 

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