Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Environmental Education: What Difference Has It Made?

How many of you have provided environmental education to youth?  Whether it was at a fair, a water festival, a school, after school program, or community event, many of us have spent many hours and resources educating youth about water issues or other environmental topic.  Have you ever wondered where these children are now?  Grown up for sure, but how did the messages we shared with them make a difference in their lives?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what they are up to now? 

On occasion we hear from a former student and learn of what a groundwater festival meant to them.  One such story comes from Brandon , now pursuing his master’s degree in sustainable rural development.  Brandon wrote “It may be hard to believe that something like the Groundwater Festival could have such an impact on someone's life but it is true. The concepts I learned at an early age stayed with me and translated into a drive to deepen my knowledge in that area. That is exactly why programs like this are so important because they plant the seeds. Seeds that one day may grow into something great.” 

What have you heard back from the students you have educated?  Or better yet, if you are a student who attended one of these events, what impact has it had on your life?  Did it influence your career path?  Have you changed your habits to be more water friendly? 

We’d love to hear from you.

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