Thursday, April 28, 2011

Confessing about groundwater

Since joining the Foundation in the Spring of 2009, my family has become more and more aware of water and specifically groundwater. I’ve taken a lot of the practices that I have learned and that I teach on a daily basis at work home with me, from reducing the amount of water I apply to my lawn to taking shorter showers and encouraging them to do the same.

This week my son, Bret, is getting confirmed into the local Lutheran church. As part of that process there is a night of questioning to see what he has learned. In preparation for that night, we have been going over the questions at home. One of the questions was, what type of water is used in baptism? Of course the normal response would be regular water or H2O. When practicing I told him if by chance that he would get the question on the night of questioning he should answer it with “groundwater”, which is the same as regular H2O.

Last night was the big night. There were eight other classmates that were being asked questions as well so the chances were slim of him getting the question. But unbelievably when it was time for that question it came to Bret. I sat frozen and wondered how he would respond to our Pastor.

The response, “H2O, groundwater.” I got the biggest smile on my face as he shared this new knowledge with everyone in the church.

Who would you be willing to share this with today?
-- Brian Reetz, Program Coordinator

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