Friday, October 29, 2010

Making a Positive Impact

Diverse sites from around the country are making strides to implement groundwater and environmentally-friendly practices on their site. As part of the Groundwater Guardian Green Site application process, sites provide documentation about the impact of their activities, and the cumulative results are impressive!
Since the program began, participating Green Sites have documented:
  • A reduction in fertilizer use of 768,788 pounds. The majority of sites base fertilizer amounts on a nutrient analysis.
  • A reduction in pesticide use of 35.77%. 
  • A savings of 372,796,204 gallons of water by tracking usage, modifying practices when necessary, and choosing plants adapted to the region's climate that require lower inputs.
  • The proper disposal of potentially toxic materials, including 13,110 pounds of batteries, 13, 874 gallons of oil, 835 tires, 140 gallons of antifreeze, 33, 604 pounds of hazardous waste, and 36,047 pounds of other materials.
Sites have made changes to improve their environmental practices, including implementing recycling programs, planting native vegetation, reducing or discontinuing fertilizer usage, updating irrigation equipment, implementing water conservation initiatives, creating wildlife habitat, converting managed areas to low or no-mow areas, and instituting education programs for site staff and visitors.

We at The Groundwater Foundation are proud of the efforts of these sites, and look forward to recognizing their good work now and into the future. We know there are more sites out there doing great things for the environment – help us add to these impressive statistics by getting these sites involved in the Green Site program! Interested sites can check out the Groundwater Guardian Green Site portion of The Groundwater Foundation’s website at to find the program application, see a list of participating sites, and to find out more, or contact us at 1-800-858-4844 or

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