Friday, September 17, 2010

Groundwater in the news!

As we continue to work in communities across the state of Nebraska as part of our Let’s Keep It Clean program, we’ve had the great fortune of getting some great press coverage along the way.

Being a News-Editorial major, it’s great to see the work that the reporters have done to inform the public about our programs and protecting groundwater for future generations. The Crete News has featured us twice on its front page above the fold!

Freddie Makes a Splash at Summer Reading

Tuxedo Park Named a Green Site

It is part of our mission to inspire action! If just one person does something different in regards to groundwater by reading the article that is a definite benefit. But I firmly believe that there are many people out there that make changes to their lifestyle after reading articles either in the newspaper, in magazines or online. I am one of them!

So now you can do your part. You can email one of the above links to a friend, or maybe you can post it as a link to your facebook page or maybe tweet it. Media comes in many forms but getting to a wide range of people is the most important part.

It’s all about making even more people aware of our precious resource – groundwater.

-- Brian Reetz

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