Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Water for Food

This weekend the 2nd annual Water for Food International conference opened. The challenge is a huge one, but luckily for all of us there are people who are motivated by the challenge and there are forward-thinking philanthropists who recognize the importance and the scope of this issue.

The conference will surely have a very positive feel to it – as it should. It opens just days after the 2nd largest gift to the University of Nebraska has been announced. The Daugherty Foundation has pledged $50 million towards the Water for Food Institute.

These ingredients, plus the extensive work that the state, the University, governmental and non-governmental agencies have done towards understanding and protecting our water resources in order to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, are bound to make for an exciting conference.

The challenges are great, but are they any greater than some of the difficulties that have been overcome in the past?

Let’s see what all the people gathering from different corners of the globe believe.

Share your thoughts – and look back for updates as the conference progresses.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a stat that I heard at the conference:

The world needs 4,500 billion m3 (or 4.5 thousand cubic kilometers)of water to function.

That is a lot of water.

Can we be more efficient?