Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheers to 2010 and a new mission!

by Jane Griffin, Groundwater Foundation President

Many comments have been made about the New Year and the new decade, so I believe it is my job to point out yet another important milestone that 2010 brings - the 25th anniversary of The Groundwater Foundation.

In order to prepare for this important milestone The Groundwater Foundation Board of Directors and staff dedicated long and hard hours analyzing and evaluating our impact and our role today and for the next 25 years.  Instead of boring you with the details of the work, I am going to limit myself to sharing with you only the exciting results.

The Groundwater Foundation has adopted a new mission statement that we believe more effectively identifies our purpose:

We educate people and inspire action to ensure sustainable,
clean groundwater for future generations.

The Groundwater Foundation has identified strategic programming goals that will move us towards achieving our mission. Details about our new program, updates on impact of our current programs and more will be posted to our website soon…check back to often to see what is happening in your community and across the nation at

Water is, and will continue to be, vital to our existence; as such, on behalf of all of us at The Groundwater Foundation, I affirm our dedication to educating people and inspiring action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations.

Now, let’s pour ourselves a glass of groundwater (which means that one out of every two Americans only needs to go to their tap) and say “Cheers to 2010!”  Yes, 2010 is the year for our organization and the people and communities we serve to celebrate 25 of education, and looking forward to 25 more years of mission delivery!

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