Thursday, January 22, 2015

Share Your Story!

2015 is here and we are really, really excited about it!  This year marks our 30th anniversary - 30 years of educating and inspiring people to protect and conserve groundwater for future generations. 

So, we want to celebrate it by celebrating YOU!  All that YOU have done, learned and/or shared about protecting and conserving groundwater is worthy of recognition and celebration. We want to share YOUR stories and inspire others.

We’re asking you to send us your story, or stories if you have more than one to share.  Tell us about a recent event, an unexpected outcome, a difference you have made in your community, why groundwater is important to you and your community, why you do what you do, or how you got involved in groundwater protection and education.

Your story can be:
  • A traditional written story (around 250-500 words if possible) 
  • A poem
  • A comic strip or drawing
  • Pictures (ideally with some captions to give us context)
  • A video (around 3 minutes or less)
  • An infographic
  • Something else - surprise us with your creativity!
You get the gist – we want to hear from you and make it easy for you to tell your story.  If you don’t have the time to put it into a “story” simply send us bullet points with the pertinent information (and if possible, a picture or two) and we can write the story for you - we just want to make sure your story is told!

FIND OUT MORE. IMPORTANT – The deadline to submit stories is February 10, 2015!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 402-434-2740 or

Let’s make this a great year!  

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