Thursday, April 3, 2014

What You Can Do About Climate Change

By Jane Griffin, The Groundwater Foundation

It’s April…
And that means spring is almost here – that means Earth Day is right around the corner.  Earth Day is a great day to make sure you are taking the right steps to protect our planet.  And that is no April Fool’s Day joke – recent studies demonstrate the impacts of climate change.  The bottom line is that we must take action now.  If you want to read more, here is a link to an article about a recent study:

Let’s each do our part and show our respect for our planet.  Here are a couple of things I will start doing:
       1.       Ride my bike to work and everywhere I feasibly (and physically) can!

2.       Make sure my children are walking or riding their bikes to and from places (no more excuses that it is too cold)

3.       Convert more areas of my yard to low-maintenance
What are you going to do?  Please share your ideas with us!  The more of us doing our part the better for the Earth that we all share!

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