Thursday, March 27, 2014

World Water Day 2014

by Lori Davison, The Groundwater Foundation

In 1993 the United Nations declared March 22nd as World Water Day to highlight the importance of water and to advocate for the sustainable management of water resources. 

Did you know:
1 in 10 people lack sufficient access to water

1 in 3 people lack sufficient access to sanitation

1.5 million children die from a lack of clean water and safe sanitation every year
It’s hard to imagine that in 2014 that there is still a struggle to provide clean, safe water supplies to people around the world.  World Water Day is behind us, but you can act every day in your household and community to protect and conserve all sources of water, including groundwater.   The Groundwater Foundation’s mission is to educate people and inspire action to ensure sustainable clean groundwater for future generations.   Check out The Groundwater Foundation’s website to learn how you can help protect the world’s water!

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