Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Run, Water, Walk, Water, Run

By Brian Reetz and Lori Davison

Both of us took part in the Lincoln Half Marathon this weekend in the Capital City of Nebraska and it’s amazing how much water plays a role in it as well. Water stations are set up every couple of miles to help hydrate people while they make their way around Lincoln. Of course you couldn’t survive without it.

Brian: I use a platypus water device to help me. I put a little bit in it and then carry in the back of my shorts when I start to feel the need for a drink and I’m not near a water station. When I do finally get to a station, I always walk my way through them and drink a good supply. This is my second Lincoln Half Marathon. My run went pretty well. I didn’t accomplish my set goal time but I finished and for that I’m happy! Next up, Bolder Boulder!

Lori: About a year ago seven of my friends and I decided to start training to walk the half marathon. Our first walk consisted of a temperature of 95, 100% humidity and a total of 2 miles. We all made our goal but at that point couldn’t foresee 13.1 miles in our future! We all trained very hard and made it to the big day which started off with buckets of rain in the wee hours of the morning before the race started. We knew we were meant to accomplish our goal when the skies cleared as we crossed the start line. The aquifer was recharged and the race began! Water also played a major part in the race for us.  As novice walkers we didn’t carry any water with us so we totally depended on the water stations to get our much needed drinks.  As we crossed the long awaited finish line we were thankful for the beautiful day, cheering supporters, and most importantly the water that got us there!

There were even a couple of quotes by people after the race about water.

"When it was starting to get hot this week, we put an extra 90,000 cups of water out there," Co-Director Nancy Sutton said to the Lincoln Journal-Star. "Now, we don't need them today because it's fairly pleasant. But we wanted to be sure that we had all our ducks in a row."

Winner Mario Macias also commented to the Kearney Hub.  Although it was a plus to train at higher altitudes in Colorado, Macias said, the higher humidity in Lincoln made up for it. “I never drank so much water and Gatorade,” he said.

And finally lifetips.com offers these water suggestions if you have a marathon coming up on the horizon.

Good, Good, Good, Good Hydration

You may have heard about runners dying from hyponatremia (excessive hydration), but that doesn't mean you should go to the other extreme and not drink enough water. Even in cold weather, if you are running much more than 10-12 miles, be sure to have at least a few sips of water a few times during the run. Cold air, especially wind, is dehydrating, and you will get thirsty during a 16-20 mile run, even if it's only 20 degrees outside.

Remember that most energy gels and bars need to be eaten with some water to help the nutrients get into the bloodstream and do you some good. The amount of water you drink is individual, and as you do longer runs, try drinking 1/2 cup of water every 4-8 miles. If it's hot, you will need more, if it's cold, you'll need less, but everyone's hydration needs are different and it's important to experiment during training so you know what works for marathon day. There are formulas to calculate how much you should drink based on weighing yourself before and after workouts.

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