Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?

In honor of Earth day many things happened at my home, work place and in my local community.  My family and I dedicated a huge portion of Earth Day to do prep work in the garden.  This included putting down mulch, turning the soil in the vegetable and flower beds, moving soil and rocks to get an area ready for a retaining wall and weeding.  It was great to be out with hands in the dirt and thinking about the anticipated returns (flowers, veggies and herbs for months to come).  It was also nice to engage in Earth-friendly prep work.  For instance, to get rid of the annoying weeds that grow between the bricks on our patio we boiled water, added a bit of salt to it and poured it over the bricks. 

At work – here at the Groundwater Foundation – we participated in numerous activities this week; one example was hosting an educational booth at our local zoo, kids and families learned about growing with groundwater.  Hundreds of children made their own terrarium – and are now anxiously waiting for their seeds to sprout.  It sure is uplifting to see the enthusiasm and joy of the kids learning about the water cycle and its magic on Earth.
In celebration of Earth Day our local community had events taking place from morning until night and I know that was the same in communities across the globe.  What a great day, what did you do to celebrate Earth Day?

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