Wednesday, January 22, 2020

It's Water-Wise Wednesdays with Frannie the Fish! {Video Learning Series: Groundwater Foundation}

This is the second blog in a series of video learning opportunities from the Groundwater Foundation. Click to see the previous blog on the Groundwater Guardian program.

Frannie has been on the move a lot recently and has been relying on her friends at the Groundwater Foundation to help her keep up on her blogs so this week, she wants to turn the spotlight around on them!

The Groundwater Foundation was founded in 1985 and operated in its early years out of the home of President Emeritus Susan Seacrest. In her interview, she states, "Groundwater, as it exists when it's in storage, is hidden. We wanted to be the voice that would speak to people about the importance of what it does."

Over thirty years later, Groundwater Foundation staff do most of their work out of an office in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska. As Director of Grants Jane Griffin says, "[we] try to reach people with information about the [groundwater] they are utilizing and the ways they can be in the protection and conservation of it."

As you learned last week, one of the ways communities can learn about groundwater and become engaged in protecting it is through the Groundwater Guardian program. "[Groundwater Guardians] are leaders in conservation and role models in our community", offering ways for our friends, family, and the general public to be active stewards of the environment.

Readers of Frannie's blog are already familiar with the youth education and outreach part of the Foundation's efforts. "Education is the basis for better decision-making". The activities, games, lessons, and tools that Frannie and her friends share on this blog can equip you with knowledge you will need to keep your drinking water clean for the future.

The Groundwater Foundation is grateful to people like you who want to "make a difference, care more about where they live, do more for where they live, and be more of who they are." Cheers to groundwater!

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