Friday, January 13, 2017

BLOG: Reflecting and Resolving

by Jennifer Wemhoff, The Groundwater Foundation

I received a note from a colleague via LinkedIn earlier this week congratulating me on a work anniversary - 17 years at The Groundwater Foundation.

I had to stop and stare at that number a bit - 17 years??? How on Earth did that happen?

Truthfully, I remember vividly the day I stopped into the career counselor's office at Doane College during my junior year to inquire about internship opportunities. "This one could be a good fit," the counselor said to me, handing me contact information for The Groundwater Foundation. "There's even a Doane grad working there. How much do you know about groundwater?"

At that point, not much. Growing up on a farm, we had a well, so I knew in general that water came from the ground, but that was about it.

Obviously, a lot has changed in the last 17 years. My life has made many transitions during my time with The Groundwater Foundation. My understanding of and connection to the amazing, magical resource of groundwater has deepened, along with a commitment to being part of the solution to clean, sustainable groundwater.

As 2017 is still in its infancy, it's a good time to reflect on what I can make happen in the year ahead. So here are my water resolutions for 2017:

My rain barrel probably won't
look this cool
1. Install a rain barrel at my home. This has been on my wish list for a while, but I will make it happen in 2017!

2. Continue to instill a respect for water in my daughters, who are 5 and 2.

3. Drink more water! 

4. Find ways in my every day life to share with others how they can protect water - interactions with friends, neighbors, and family.

How will you help protect water in 2017? 

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