Monday, September 5, 2016

BLOG: Groundwater is a Labor of Love

by Jennifer Wemhoff, The Groundwater Foundation

The Labor Day holiday got me thinking this year about how the work we all do to educate people and protect groundwater is truly a labor of love.

There's no glory, or fame, or riches in the work we do. We do it because it's important. Because groundwater is vital to our lives and communities. And who doesn't love a glass of cool, clean water?

This is most evident by the efforts of the Groundwater Guardians teams we work with across North America. These teams implement activities from wellhead protection to classroom presentations and festivals, pharmaceutical take backs to community events and PSAs, and much more. They care about groundwater because they care about their community. It's a labor of love.

A few Groundwater Guardians a the 2015 Groundwater Foundation National Conference.
Over the next several weeks, the Groundwater Blog will feature stories from Groundwater Guardians about the work they do in their communities. I hope they give you new ideas and inspire you to take action in your community.

Want to join their ranks? It's easy to get started as a Groundwater Guardian. Find out how.

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