Thursday, December 10, 2015

Groundwater Education Can Happen Anywhere

By Cindy Kreifels, The Groundwater Foundation

Last night I went to a holiday party where I knew very few of the guests.  And, like many events where I am introduced to new people, the question of where I work or what I do came up repeatedly. “Groundwater Foundation?” they say with a bewildered look on their face.  As I explain that we educate people about groundwater and invite people to get involved in its protection, I get yet another bewildered look, until I explain that groundwater is the water we drink and the water that grows our food, then the light bulb begins to come on.

It still amazes me that there are many people who still know very little about groundwater.  Obviously, the work of educating people about this resource that is so vital to our survival on this planet is not done.  So for all of you who have dedicated time to educating an individual, a group of school children, or a civic club – thank you!  The more people who understand groundwater and its role in our lives, the more people who will be able to take action on its behalf.

So while sometimes I may feel out of place at certain events when I don't know anyone, I have to remember that it is really just another great opportunity to educate someone, even if only a little bit, about groundwater. I hope that each of you will take moments like these to educate just one more person about our precious groundwater.

Have you had a moment like this?  What approach did you use to get people excited about groundwater?

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