Monday, September 7, 2015

Anniversary Story: "The Experience is Priceless" by James Burks

"The Experience is Priceless"
by James Burks, President, Senninger Irrigation

James Burks addresses attendees at the
2013 Groundwater Foundation
National Conference.
Get involved, enhance your life…the experience is priceless!

In May of 2009 I was invited to join the board of directors of The Groundwater Foundation. For me this was an opportunity to have a “voice at the table” regarding the utilization of this finite resource so critical to the welfare of the industry I participate in professionally, irrigation. I must shamefully admit that, at least initially, this was my primary motivation for getting involved. The past six years of service have been both a blessing and an education, and I am happy to admit that my motives have become much less self-serving.

Beginning with my first introduction to the Foundation I remain impressed with the organization’s strong reputation for public education through the promotion of responsible scientific data. By serving with The Groundwater Foundation I have seen the issue of water quality protection and resource conservation through the eyes of urban as well as rural water users. Users with an economic stake in protecting this resource as well as those just wanting to be sure that their grandchildren will not need to worry if their water is safe to drink….all coming together with the spirit of collaboration, not controversy.  

One of the greatest personal blessings I have received as a Foundation board member is the friendships with the genuinely caring people associated with the Foundation.  Awesome relationships occur when people’s hearts and hands come together for the purpose of helping others. So many bright and talented people, with varied personal and professional interests, are donating their time to help secure a sustainable supply of clean water for future generations. What a humbling honor, just to witness firsthand the magic that is The Groundwater Foundation.

Happy 30th Anniversary to The Groundwater Foundation! Please accept my sincere appreciation for including me as a small part of this great journey. You have given me more than I can ever repay through priceless friendships and knowledge. And the best part of it all is… It’s just the beginning!


6 Weeks Until the 2015 Groundwater Foundation National Conference and 30th Anniversary Celebration!

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