Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anniversary Story: "Well Conversion Grant Program" by Natalia Londono

Well Conversion Grant Program
By Natalia Londono, Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Guardian Team, Las Vegas, Nevada

Snow melt in the mountains
surrounding Las Vegas feed
underground aquifers.
For Las Vegas Valley groundwater users whose wells fail, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers a program to help offset a significant portion of the cost to connect to the municipal water system and properly plug and abandon their wells. The SNWA Well Conversion Grant Program was created by the Nevada State Legislature to assist well owners required by the Nevada State Engineer to connect to municipal water and the program also is available to those who voluntarily want to connect to municipal water. The program, which is funded by the Groundwater Management Program (GMP) fee all well owners pay annually, can be a life saver to customers. 

Recently, a senior citizen on a fixed income was without water when her well failed. She contacted the municipal water provider which was able to complete an emergency connection to the municipal water system within just two days.

Not only was the customer able to get water quickly in an emergency situation, thanks to the Well Conversion Grant Program, she saved approximately $15,000. The customer paid only 15 percent of the connection costs.  

The SNWA Well Conversion Grant Program financial assistance program pays up to 85 percent of the costs to connect to the municipal water system. A well conversion typically costs between $12,000 to $20,000 per connection, so savings are significant. This remains a substantial benefit to those who experience a failed well and helps alleviate the stresses associated with not only the loss of water, but also out-of-pocket expenses. 


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