Thursday, March 5, 2015

Singing in the Shower

by Anthony Lowndes, The Groundwater Foundation

Water use in the bathroom accounts for a large percentage of our daily consumption. There are countless resources and recommendations on how to lower your bathroom water use. You should turn the water off when you’re brushing your teeth, let mellow if it’s yellow and of course, shorten your shower time.
But how do you go from taking a 20 minute shower to a 5 minute shower? This can be really difficult if you are like me and like the feel of a long hot shower. So I said to myself, what is an interesting way to incrementally shorten my showers so it doesn’t seem so daunting.
I took four of my favorite songs and made a playlist. I set up my phone, in a cup to amplify the sound, outside the shower and started the playlist before I turned the water on. Then every other shower, I took one of the songs off the playlist and made sure that I was out of the shower before the last one ended.
I am now down from 20 minutes to about 7 minutes per shower. I also made a couple more playlists for variety and different moods I want to be in, like going to bed and waking up.

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Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing this great idea in reducing our daily water consumption! I love to listen to music in the shower, so I think I will try this.