Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Conservation Challenge: UPDATE

In an August  blog, I wrote about my household water use. After learning my husband and I were using about 299 gallons of water each day I decided we would try to reduce our water use. After 60 days on our water saving plan, I am happy to report my husband and I were successful in reducing the amount of water we use.

Over the past two months we used 162 gallons per day, which would be about 81 gallons per person. We reduced our total water use in a 60 day period from 17,952 gallons to 9,724! That equals a total of 8,228 gallons saved!

While we are feeling pretty good about how much water we saved we still know there is more water conservation that can be done.

Here are some more water savings ideas for our home and yours!

Make Your Landscape Green

Do you have more watering conservation tips? Post your water conservation practicies in our comment section.

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blueskies said...

Wow, great job!