Thursday, September 6, 2012

Protect Your Groundwater Day & Water1der

 Protect Your Groundwater Day is coming up on Tuesday, Sept. 11. What are you and your community going to do to protect groundwater on that day and every day?
Here are some ideas from the National Ground Water Association...
And now that we have you thinking about this most precious resource, The Groundwater Foundation will soon be launching “Water1der”, a mobile groundwater awareness trivia game app, developed by SectorNow, which will be available free of charge from the Apple app store.
Through a fun educational game, players test their knowledge about groundwater, pollution prevention, conservation, irrigation, the water cycle, aquifers, recycling, water sheds, water use and wells. Players will “spin” a wheel on the app to determine the topic of the question. The formats vary from traditional ones, such as multiple choice, word scramble, matching and true/false to formats such as drag and drop, where players can move words to areas to label parts of the aquifer; moving, where players can select an item to be placed into the correct area; scrolling, where players can click their finger on the right answer as it moves across the screen; and timer, where players will touch the screen to stop a timer at the right number.
It’s coming soon. Follow Water1der on Facebook and you will be the first to know when it’s ready to be downloaded:




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