Friday, June 24, 2011

It's time again for camp!

By Brian Reetz, Program Coordinator

For those of you who follow The Groundwater Foundation on Twitter and Facebook, you probably know that last week we (lead by Jamie Oltman) hosted our Outdoor Adventures in H2O camp here in Lincoln.

The camp is for youth who just finished fifth through seventh grade and they brought a ton of energy to the camp each day! And they needed to! We are on the go all of the time and for us educators, we bring our energy too!

We try to make it a great mix of educating while allowing them time to be kids in nature -- from searching for frogs to playing in and around the water.

On Monday, we hiked to Antelope Park in Lincoln and along the way we did a city safari scavenger hunt. Once at the park we did a recharge vs. runoff activity, a well in a cup activity, built Awesome Aquifers and they began working on their watershed models that they would work on the entire week. On Tuesday, we taught them about macroinvertebrates in preparation for our trip to Spring Creek Prairie later in the day where we did dip netting and other observation in a beautiful setting.

On Wednesday, we were on the road first thing as we took a bus to Branched Oak Organic Farm. After a tour and a chance to taste their yummy cheese, we hiked down to the pond. While we were at the pond we did a clean water challenge (testing for turbidity) and also did more dip netting for macroinvertebrates.  On Thursday, we spent the whole day at Holmes Lake. After surviving a morning rain storm, we worked with the groundwater flow model and did the water cycle journey. Then we worked on a lake cleanup.

Friday was the culmination of the entire week and we all met at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. The students took everything that they had learned during the week and shared it with visitors to the zoo. It was great to see how much they had learned and then were willing to share with an even younger group of kids. After a hike back to the school that hosted us, the kids shared the watershed models they had worked on all week with their parents.  

But click the link and watch the video (thanks to Jennifer) …it really captures what the week was like!

Outdoor Adventures in H2O Camp

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