Thursday, April 14, 2011

What does it take to get safe, reliable and sustainable water to our faucets?

By Nancy Wright, Groundwater Foundation Board Member

Each state has their own way/laws of making that happen. One common aspect is moving water through pipes is not nearly as easy as it seems. It takes qualified, certified, experienced and dedicated people. It also takes lots of engineering to defy the laws of nature to make water move from a system comprised of a combination of surface water, groundwater wells, reservoirs to pumps and miles of pipeline to get that water into our faucets.

So this brings up the question: What is that service worth?

This is a relatively new question in the world of water, what are we willing to pay? Does our monthly cell phone charge or our TV cable or internet connection take priority? If so, should it?

I believe that this topic and all of these questions deserve attention. I believe educating the general public about the complexity of bringing water to our faucets will lead them to the same conclusion that I have reached – ensuring safe, reliable water arrives in our faucets is extremely valuable.

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