Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who’s Responsible for Protecting Groundwater?

Ever since I was small, it has seemed that people look for someone else to take responsibility for things that need to be done. It is easier to let others ensure community safety, enact laws that protect us, take measures to ensure that we have clean and plentiful drinking water. Given that over 50 percent of us drink groundwater and all of us depend upon it to grow our food, whose responsibility should it be to protect groundwater?

In my opinion, that responsibility falls to all of us. Each and every person should act responsibly to ensure that groundwater is protected for future generations. Of course, that will mean working not only individually but also in cooperation with others. While each of us can be sure that our own actions, taking shorter showers, not dumping motor oil on the ground, etc. are accomplished, it is the bigger picture that will require collaborative efforts. Things like developing wellhead protection plans, creating zoning laws that protect groundwater, etc. that will require all of us to be on board and do our part.

What have communities done to create this collaborative approach to groundwater protection? What needs to be done on a community-wide basis to safeguard groundwater? When do we need to act and who will do so? These are exactly the questions that will be explored at the Groundwater Foundation’s 2011 National Conference to be held October 4-6, 2011. Mark your calendars and plan to join us as we explore a collaborative approach to groundwater protection.

For more information on the calendar, contact the Groundwater Foundation at 402-434-2740, email, or visit the Groundwater Foundation website.

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